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05/19/2011Press Releases


“Against challenging conditions, with the BDI down 50% from Q1 2010, Seanergy’s strategy of securing long term agreements with reputable charterers, as well as the fact that we have been operating a larger fleet this year, effectively insulated our revenues from the worsening market environment seen during the first quarter of the year. In accordance with our strategy, we were able to secure long term employment for one of our Panamax vessels at a higher rate than current market levels, which further enhances our cash flow visibility
over the next year. We believe that our strong period charter coverage for the next two years can minimize the effect of short term freight rate volatility.

Furthermore, we expect that our current cash position might afford us the opportunity to engage into accretive acquisitions as the continuing weak market conditions might translate in lower asset purchase prices.

Over the first quarter of 2011 a number of factors contributed to a difficult operating environment characterized by low freight rates and heightened uncertainty.

Unexpected events such as the recent storms in Australia and the natural disaster in Japan have affected shipping activity while the seasonal decrease in trade attributable to the Chinese New Year celebrations reduced demand and maintained the negative pressure on freight rates. Furthermore, persistent fiscal worries in developed countries and the monetary tightening taking place in most major Asian countries are generating increased economic uncertainty.

Under these circumstances the large number of vessels entering service in 2011 has proved difficult to absorb while the large outstanding orderbook is creating a supply overhang that could prevent a sustained rebound in freight rates. It seems that the following months are going to be characterized by volatile conditions, as there are a multitude of factors that can affect the market, which are hard to predict. Looking beyond short term uncertainty however, it is our belief that long term fundamentals in dry bulk shipping remain solid and that Seanergy is well positioned to continue its growth.”
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