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04/10/2017Press Releases

Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. Announces its Pro-forma Capitalization as Adjusted for Certain Material Agreements

“April 10, 2017 - Athens, Greece - Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SHIP) announced today its pro-forma capitalization giving effect to the previously announced definitive agreement with one of its senior lenders for the early repayment of a loan facility at a 30% discount that is expected to generate a gain and equity accretion of $11.4 million, as well as the previously announced memorandum of agreement to purchase a Korean, 2012 built Capesize vessel, which is to be renamed Partnership, for $32.65 million.

Assuming the completion of the above two transactions, the pro-forma total capitalization and total equity of the Company as of today is estimated to be $279.4 million and $49.9 million, respectively 1, 2. In addition, these transactions are expected to result in a 62% increase of total pro-forma equity.”
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